our team.

Amy Paku

Director / Manager

Amy - Has been working at ccbs for more than 20years starting with casual work at the old ccbs at Doyalson with her father (Eric McGlynn) Amy has now taken over from Eric and has enjoyed putting her own touch on the family business.
Its hoped that one of her two children (Jackson and Mania) will one day continue with the family business.

Steve Paku


Stephen has been working at Central Coast Bricks for 8 years.
Prior to that he worked at Sydney airport.
Stephen loves his wife and kids and his Harley.

Shannon Howlett

Sales Manager

Shannon has been at Central Coast Bricks for 10 years prior to that he was a wood fire installer. He is happily married for 12years and a loving father to three children .Shannon loves nothing more then then a nice cold beer with his with his mates.