Choosing the best wood fueled system will depend on a range of factors and a competent professional installer should assess your situation and discuss your options with you. Speak to one of Central Coast Bricks staff for the best advise.

Central Coast Bricks Supplies hold a huge stock of wood heating stoves ready for a next day delivery, and can supply everything else for the installation: chimney, flue pipe, hearths and central heating components all at discounted price.

What to know when buying a wood heater…

  •  What is the size of the area you need to heat?
  •  Open plan or small rooms connected by hall-ways?
  •  What is the height of the room the wood heater will be in?
  •  Are your ceilings flat or at an angle?
  •  What type of floor coverings are in the room?
  •  What material is the roof made from? Tiled, metal, pitched, flat etc.
  •  Where will the heater be located? Internal or external wall, corner or flat against the wall or in an existing chimney.
  •  What materials are the walls made from?
  •  Do you have curtains nearby?
  •  What is the height of the gap in the roof space? Are there any obstructions such as beams that may require an offset?
  •  What is the distance from the peak of the roof to the point where the flue will exit?
  •  Are there power points located nearby for the fan?
  •  Is your home single or double storey?